I started Journal & Home because I was tired of being busy but unproductive! As a wife, mom, real estate agent and entrepreneur, I get so many ideas for each of the roles that I play in life that it’s:

  1. Impossible to remember them all
  2. Hard to organize and prioritize

Can you relate?

When the ideas come, my mind is clouded because they rarely come one at a time and at the perfect time when I sitting ready to write. They come when they come, and that’s usually when I’m sleep or when I’m doing something. I realized that in order to stay organized and collect all of these great ideas, I needed a system. After trying a few things I developed my system which includes super chic and cute thought/idea journals, pens, highlighters, planners, and more. The planners and journals REALLY transformed my ability to be organized, productive, and capture all of my ideas. It was also fun, relaxing, and therapeutic. Realizing that I wasn't alone when it came to getting and staying organized, I start J&H! Know that every item in this store was custom curated for you by me, with the hope that it helps you to organized and simplify your life. 

My faith is an important part of who I am, so I have hand selected faith based books and journals to help you grow your relationship with God and develop a deeper understanding of the benefits of being a part of his kingdom. I’ve also curated some nice pens, highlighters candles, mugs and other goodies that can enhance your planning/ journaling experience. So when I say shopping and self care I mean it. You get retail therapy and self care in the form of personal and spiritual growth to organize your days and motivate you daily. When you shop with J&H you are supporting a small, black women owned business and I can’t thank you enough!

~ XOXO Shanika